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Holistic health reimagined
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Healthcare is more than just treating illnesses, and we are here to rebuild healthcare for better, holistic, and personalized solutions that make a lasting difference.

Recoup Health

Our Story

Frustrated by healthcare that only treats symptoms and not the real issue, a leading pain & lifestyle physician and a tech entrepreneur – who also happen to be brothers – decided to give healthcare a fundamental overhaul. They leveraged cutting-edge technology and decades of clinical expertise to build a unique care model that is holistic, personalized, and treats the root cause, so you get healthy from within.

Our Purpose

Recoup Health is reimagining healthcare the way it should be – by providing personalized, precision-based, preventive healthcare that goes to the root cause of any disease or health concern.

Our Leadership Team

The team of doctors, entrepreneurs and tech leaders who are reimagining healthcare the way it should be.

Our Clinical Team

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer

Vikas Sharan

Executive Chairman

Ravish Kamath

Chief Operating Officer

At Recoup, we treat every health concern using our unique care philosophy.

dr deepak sharan

Orthopaedic Surgery, Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic Rheumatology, Pain, Musculoskeletal, Regenerative, Functional and Lifestyle Medicine, Ergonomics, and Occupational Health.

Certificate in Functional Medicine (The Institute for Functional Medicine, USA), Diplomate of the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (Dip IBLM).

A seasoned clinician with 33+ years of global experience, Dr Sharan has helped countless patients in 45+ countries. Certified in Functional & Lifestyle Medicine, he tackles chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues from the root. His unique approach includes body awareness techniques (Alexander technique, Feldenkrais) and therapies like narrative medicine, ACT, EAET & PGAP for lasting pain relief and 360° wellness for his patients.


Vikas Shran, a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur, thrives on transforming ideas into impactful ventures. From scaling Regalix as a RevOps leader to pioneering medical research with Recoup Health and social giving with Impact Lab, Vikas builds brands, engineers products, and designs platforms across diverse industries.

He thrives on collaborating with world-class experts who leverage data, technology, and networks to drive change across verticals.


With over a decade of experience, Ravish specializes in product development and ideation. His expertise lies in prototyping, technology advocacy, team leadership, and product launches.

He is dedicated to crafting successful products, fostering exceptional teams, and establishing sustainable business models.


MBBS, MD, Functional Medicine (USA), Ozone Therapy (OFI), Medical Cannabis (USA), Mind Body Healing, Body Talk, IV Nutrition and Chelation

Dr. Ramanathan brings a decade of experience in Cardiology and Intensive Care, specializing in Functional Medicine. Certified in Yoga therapy and advanced ozone therapy, she treats chronic and autoimmune conditions with a holistic approach. As a member of medical associations, she prioritizes patient assessment, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment while advocating for holistic healing methods such as natural therapies, mind-body healing, and yoga.


MBBS (KEMH, Mumbai).IBLM certified Lifestyle Physician; Certified Physician Coach (CCA, USA); Certificate in Ergonomics (ISE); Certificate in Medical Informatics (BII)

Apart from his hands-on expertise in the field of lifestyle medicine, Dr. Ravikumar Modali

comes with a rich experience in medical analytics, medical treatment programs, disease

remission plans, emergency response services, corporate/residential health benefit

programs & health insurance benefit plan design. He was invited to review the Indian

government’s NPCDCS program for chronic disease management & has written 2 chapters

in India’s first academic book on health insurance.



Dr. Anupama Devadas combines her expertise as a gynecologist, Lifestyle Medicine physician,  and certified yoga trainer to provide holistic care. Driven by her belief in the power of  Lifestyle Medicine, she actively contributes to the Indian Society of Lifestyle Medicine  (ISLM) as an Executive Committee member. With a commitment to tapping into the full potential of Lifestyle Medicine, she ensures patients receive comprehensive and personalized care tailored to their individual needs.


MBBS, Fellowship in Diabetology

Dr. Anurag Kumar, a dedicated lifestyle medicine physician at Recoup Health, advocates for the principle of prevention over cure. With a fellowship in diabetology and extensive research experience in diabetes management, he brings valuable expertise to his practice.

Dr. Anurag’s proficiency extends to lifestyle and functional medicine, emphasizing the critical role of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle in promoting overall well-being.



Dr. Pramodh is a seasoned physician with over 20 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has cultivated a passion for preventive medicine, particularly lifestyle medicine. He empowers his patients by guiding them through lifestyle modifications to prevent diseases like diabetes and hypertension, or even reverse their course. His expertise extends to managing weight concerns, sleep disorders, and the impacts of substance abuse.

Dr. Pramodh’s dedication extends beyond his practice; he is a certified member of the Karnataka Medical Council and previously held a leadership position in the Indian Society of Life Style Medicine.

Dr. Rachit Gulati

MBBS, MD (PM&R), Fellowship in Pain Medicine, Cert. in Rheumatology (EULAR, Switzerland) and Palliative Care (IAPC), CCEBDM

Dr. Rachit Gulati is the Medical Director at Recoup Health. He is a distinguished physician with expertise in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Pain Management. As a lifetime member of the Indian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Indian Society for Study of Pain, he has made significant contributions to the field, with over 15 publications in various national and international journals. Dr. Gulati employs a holistic approach in treating patients suffering from pain, focusing on providing lasting relief through comprehensive care.

With a strong educational background, including an MBBS from SMS Medical College, Jaipur, an MD in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation from RG Kar Medical College, Kolkata, and a Fellowship in Pain Medicine, Dr. Gulati has further enhanced his knowledge through certificates in Rheumatology, Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography (EULAR, Switzerland), Palliative Care, and Evidence-Based Diabetes Mellitus. His dedication to delivering holistic treatment plans ensures that his patients receive the best possible care for long-term pain relief.

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