Chronic Pain & Fatigue

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Recoup Health

What We Treat

We offer comprehensive support for a wide range of conditions, helping you reclaim your health one step at a time.

Chronic Pain & Paresthesias

We assess, diagnose, treat and run therapy programs for a wide range of chronic pain conditions and ergonomic disorders, including musculoskeletal disorders, low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, wrist pain, repetitive stress injuries, text message injuries, tendinitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica,  myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, arthritis, and more.

Chronic Illness /Diseases

We assess, diagnose, treat and run therapy programs  a range of chronic adverse conditions, including stress, burnout, weight imbalance, cardiac health, sleep disorders, diabetes, hypertension, liver health, bone and joint health, hormonal health, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune conditions, gut health, heart brain incoherence, , peripheral nerves and peripheral vascular diseases. .

Mental & Behavioral Health

We assess, diagnose, treat and run therapy programs for a range of conditions like work-life imbalance, workplace anxiety, cognitive decline, depression, emotional trauma, tech use disorders, internet addiction, smoking cessation, alcohol use disorders, care-giver strain, OCD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and more.

Women’s Health

We assess, diagnose, treat and run therapy programs various conditions like menstrual disorders, fertility disorders, planning childbirth, lactation, return to work program, work-life balance for WFH employees, pelvic floor health, hormonal imbalances, PCOS, adolescent childcare,  and more. 

Occupational Health

We assess adverse conditions,  promote healthy practices, advice preventive & curative treatments, run health programs for a mix of physical, mental, cognitive, emotional, social health conditions attending individualized functional capacities, response to stress, psychophysiologic disorders, performance anxiety, fall risk prevention, workplace relationship issues, recovery from impairments/ disease conditions & return to work programs related to work, work process, workplace, working conditions or travel related ergonomic health.

Recoup 4R Approach

We examine your whole health to identify the root cause of your symptoms and treat them
using our unique integrated 4R method.


We ease pain and discomfort through physiotherapy, lifestyle changes, medications, and ergonomic modifications.

Root-cause Reversal

Our advanced diagnostics and in-depth assessments will uncover any fueling factors for the pain and identify the root cause of your discomfort.


Our personalized treatment plans address nutritional deficits, muscle imbalances, ergonomic issues and co-morbidities using a holistic interdisciplinary approach.


Lifestyle changes and targeted therapies like balance training and strength training that heal tissue repair, increase muscle strength, and increase cognitive function for a healthier future.

The Recoup Advantage

Evidence-based Interdisciplinary Care

Our interdisciplinary care team uses holistic practices and integrated medicine based on cutting-edge research to treat your whole health

Data-Driven Diagnosis

Using our proprietary whole-person health score, we analyze your genetics, lifestyle, medical, and family history before creating personalized care plans

Unique Care Philosophy

We treat every illness using our unique 4R approach - Relief, Root Cause Reversal, Rebalance, and Regeneration, ensuring you enjoy lasting health.

Technology First

Technology powers our unique 4R approach by enabling precise and predictive root-cause diagnosis of your illness

Recoup EPHS

The Recoup Entire Person Health Score (EPHS) is our game-changing comprehensive health assessment that measures your whole health including physical, mental, psycho-social, environmental and spiritual health. It’s a chance to visualise your health like you’ve never done before – from the inside out. 

Get personalized, precise and predictive care