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Regain mobility and experience lasting relief from Osteoarthritis

Pain medication will only offer temporary relief from your osteoarthritis symptoms. Our integrative root-cause rehabilitation approach targets the underlying issues, improves bone health, restores mobility, and will lead to a better quality of life.

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Meet our expert

Dr. Deepak Sharan

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Sharan, our Chief Scientific Officer, is a seasoned clinician with over 33 years of global experience, specializing in Orthopaedic Surgery, Rehabilitation, Pain, and Lifestyle Medicine. Certified in Functional & Lifestyle Medicine, he tackles chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues from the root, employing unique body awareness techniques and therapies for lasting relief and 360° wellness.

Dr. Rachit Gulati

Medical Director

Dr. Gulati, our Medical Director, is a distinguished Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Pain Management physician. With expertise in Rheumatology, Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography, and Palliative Care, he employs a holistic approach to provide lasting relief through comprehensive care. His strong educational background and numerous publications demonstrate his dedication to delivering the best possible treatment plans for long-term pain relief.

Common Causes of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that occurs when the cartilage that cushions the bones wears down over time. This can lead to pain, stiffness, and swelling in the affected joints. Several factors can contribute to the development of osteoarthritis:


The risk of osteoarthritis increases with age, with 73% of people with osteoarthritis being older than 55.


Women are more likely to develop osteoarthritis than men, with 60% of osteoarthritis patients being female.


Excess weight puts additional stress on weight-bearing joints, increasing the risk of osteoarthritis.

Joint injuries:

Previous joint injuries or surgeries can increase the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis later in life.


Certain genetic factors may make some people more susceptible to osteoarthritis.


Jobs that involve repetitive stress on particular joints can increase the risk of osteoarthritis.

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Care Team

The Recoup Advantage

Evidence-based Interdisciplinary Care

Our interdisciplinary care team uses holistic practices and integrated medicine based on cutting-edge research to treat your whole health.

Data-Driven Diagnosis

Using our proprietary whole-person health score, we analyze your genetics, lifestyle, medical, and family history before creating personalized care plans.

Unique Care Philosophy

We treat every illness using our unique 4R approach - Relief, Root-cause Reversal, Rebalance, and Regeneration, ensuring you enjoy lasting health.

Technology First

Technology powers our unique 4R approach by enabling precise and predictive root-cause diagnosis of your illness.

Root-cause Care is Better

Conventional osteoarthritis treatments often rely on temporary symptom relief through pain medication and steroid injections. Research indicates that co-existing medical conditions (co-morbidities) can significantly exacerbate pain and disability, and reduce quality of life in osteoarthritis patients. Addressing these underlying health concerns is essential for effective treatment.

Our root-cause approach targets the fundamental causes of osteoarthritis, integrating holistic practices like lifestyle modifications, dietary adjustments, targeted exercises, and stress management. By treating the problem at its source, we provide lasting relief and improved joint health.

Recoup Approach

At Recoup Health, we uncover the hidden triggers fueling your osteoarthritis pain, such as inflammation, structural imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, or other factors. We then heal you from the root using our integrated 4R Approach, ensuring you improve your bone health, remain pain-free, and regain your mobility.


We ease pain and discomfort through physiotherapy, lifestyle changes, ergonomic modifications, and medications if needed.

Root-cause Reversal

Our advanced diagnostics, such as foot pressure, posture analysis, gait analysis, and biochemical analysis, along with in-depth assessments, will uncover any contributing factors and help identify the root cause of your osteoarthritis.


Our personalized treatment plans address nutritional deficits, muscle imbalances, joint instabilities, foot abnormalities, and comorbidities using a holistic, interdisciplinary approach.


We incorporate targeted regenerative therapies, such as balance training and strength training, to promote joint health, increase muscle strength, and improve overall function for a healthier future.

Why Recoup

Physician-led Care

For evidence-based care guided by our highly qualified and experienced doctors.

Advanced Diagnostics

To identify the root causes of your knee pain and reach a precise diagnosis quickly.

Interventional Pain Management

We provide Viscosupplementation and Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) injections, and growth-factor concentrate therapy to provide targeted relief and promote regeneration of your natural joint lining.

Interdisciplinary Team

To get a well-rounded perspective on your condition, ensuring your care plan is precise and effective.

Health Coaches

To provide consistent support, guidance, and motivation to help you meet your health goals.

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    The Way to Health

    We dig deeper to reveal the factors fueling your osteoarthritis pain and discomfort, which could be inflammatory, hormonal, nutritional, or other core imbalances. Our in-depth approach provides you with lasting relief instead of temporary symptomatic relief.

    How can I tell if my joint pain is due to osteoarthritis and requires medical attention?

    If you experience persistent and increased joint pain, stiffness, swelling, or a grating sensation in your joints that affects your daily activities, it’s essential to book a consultation with an expert to get a proper diagnosis and personalized treatment plan for better bone health and lasting relief.

    Are there any changes I can make to manage osteoarthritis symptoms?

    Lifestyle changes can play a significant role in managing osteoarthritis symptoms. Maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in low-impact exercises, adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, and using proper joint protection techniques can help reduce pain and improve joint function. At Recoup Health, we provide personalized guidance on lifestyle modifications to support your healing journey.

    Can osteoarthritis be cured, or is it a progressive condition?

    While there is no cure for osteoarthritis, early intervention and proper management can slow the progression of the disease and significantly improve symptoms. At Recoup Health, our comprehensive, root-cause approach aims to address the underlying factors contributing to your osteoarthritis, promoting better bone and joint health.

    What sets Recoup Health apart from other clinics in osteoarthritis treatment?

    At Recoup Health, we take a holistic, personalized approach to treating osteoarthritis. Our interdisciplinary team of experts works together to identify the root causes of your joint pain, addressing not only the symptoms but also the various factors contributing to your condition. By combining advanced diagnostics, tailored treatment plans, and a focus on lifestyle and overall well-being, we aim to provide the most effective and sustainable care possible, helping you regain your mobility and quality of life.