Chronic Pain & Fatigue

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The Recoup Advantage

By using evidence-based medicine, data, and a unique look at your whole health, we are giving healthcare a much needed rethink.

19 Years

of expertise

1 Million+

patients healed

30+ Chronic

illnesses treated

600+ Research

papers published

What We Treat

Healing begins only when you treat the root cause of your illness. By combining holistic practices with evidence-based medicine
we address the real reason for your suffering, so you enjoy lasting health and happiness.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Low Back Pain 

Shoulder Pain 

Sports Medicine 

Posture Correction 

Stroke Rehabilitation

Knee Pain

Neck Pain


Post Operative Rehabilitation

Parkinson’s Disease

Integrative Medicine


Gut Imbalances

Thyroid Disorders




Weight Loss / Gain


Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Multiple Sclerosis

Recoup Approach

We examine your whole health to identify the root cause of your symptoms and treat them
using our unique integrated 4R method.


We provide effective relief from your immediate symptoms through targeted therapies, addressing inflammation, pain, and gut health.

Root-cause Reversal

Our interdisciplinary healthcare team uses advanced diagnostics to uncover the root cause of your health concerns that are causing imbalances in your body.


We restore balance through through personalized interventions, optimum nutrition, and targeting hormonal, and lifestyle factors to your enhance overall well-being.


We guide you towards longevity and sustainable health by restoring and rejuvenating the body’s natural functions while also minimizing illness recurrence.

At Recoup, we treat every health concern using our unique care philosophy.

Care Team

Our interdisciplinary team collaborates under one roof to ensure you receive complete care that translates to quicker, more precise diagnoses, and 360-degree care. From doctors and nurses to therapists and nutritionists, every expert contributes to a personalized plan that encompasses your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Care Team


We leverage the latest in technology to deliver precise and predictive care at every step of your health journey.





Care Plans

Data-driven Dynamic Health Scoring

Smart Health Devices

Recoup health

Recoup EPHS

The Recoup Entire Person Health Score (EPHS) is our game-changing comprehensive health assessment that measures your whole health including physical, mental, psycho-social, environmental and spiritual health. It’s a chance to visualise your health like you’ve never done before – from the inside out. 



Hear from our global clients on how interdisciplinary root-cause based treatment changed their lives

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Get personalized, precise and predictive care

How is Recoup Health different from other health services?

Instead of just tackling the symptoms, our unique care philosophy digs deep into the root of your health issues and improves your overall well-being using integrative medicine. This may sound complicated, but our health coaches and interdisciplinary healthcare team keep things simple.

My symptoms usually go away when I take medicine. Why do I need to treat the root-cause?

Taking medicines may help with symptoms and provide quick relief. But, by treating the root-cause we heal the imbalance causing the symptoms. This gives you lasting relief and long-term health. When you leave our clinic, you won’t just have a prescription; you’ll have a dedicated care plan and a team of healthcare professionals ready to put you on the path to health and happiness.

I don’t have any health concerns. Is Recoup Health for me?

You don’t need to be sick to start taking active steps for your well-being. That’s why we offer specific programs focused on prevention and optimization. We help steer you away from those long-term, chronic health issues by introducing the right lifestyle changes and optimizing your wellness at the right time.

Why should I trust Recoup Health's services?

Our unique care philosophy combines learnings from multiple disciplines of medicine and is built on the back of over 22 years of clinical experience and evidence-based research. We’ve evolved and adapted our care philosophy to provide the most comprehensive care for your whole health.